16 March 2014

Comfort on Five Needles

I have a toe!
Knitting has been a comfort for almost 35 years now. I was 17 when first given just enough instruction to cast on, knit and purl, and understand a little of a written pattern. Then I got myself a boyfriend. Christmas was coming and what gift could be better than a hand knit stocking for the mantle? So, my first project was a giant sock. Thank goodness I didn't know enough to be afraid! The red and white striped stocking turned out just fine and I was very proud. As a bonus, I had discovered that it was easier to learn just about anything with knitting if you blew it up to a giant size so you could see all of the details. I also found that wonderful zone, the one where only the yarn in your hands exists and the rest of the room disappears. Many, many times since then I have gone straight to knitting for comfort, calmness and that clear mental space that can jump start other work. In short, I am knitting so I can get back to weaving. I love knitting!

The project I'm doing is the Mojo Sock Recipe.
http://someknitreq.com/patterns/mojo/   Lost your Mojo? Find it with these socks. They are funky and free!

This is also my first time learning how to knit from the toe up, instead of the cuff down. To say I spent 6 hours, and over a hundred attempts at the cast-on, would not be an exaggeration. Purposeful Practice was the mantra I kept repeating. My breakthrough came when I thought maybe going straight to Judy Becker, the inventor of the very clever Magic cast-on, might be the smarter thing to do! So, I would suggest the same to you, instead of trying to figure it out with the instructions in the Mojo Sock Recipe.  http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/FEATmagiccaston.html   

Have Fun!

6 hours later... thought I would cry when I saw that I finally understood how it worked.

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