07 May 2013

Showing Up

If all else seems to be blocking you from posting, I recently advised a friend, just put up a cute dog photo. Show up. Here is my funny girl with an expression that I can't quite describe. It might be a questioning look, "Where are those napkins?" or maybe just a perplexed "When do we eat again?" It's hard to tell, but she is the best opener I've got today.

The napkins are now sleyed and threaded! This has been a much bigger deal than I expected. Stuff, life, and more life stuff just keeps getting in front of the loom. I know I only need to show up every free chance I get, and things will get done. I don't always do that. I have done it more this time than in the recent past though! That is also a pretty big deal. 

480 threads are in 480 heddles, and tied on to the back rod. Those threads will then wrap around the back warp beam, which will hold everything nice and even for weaving it all off. You'll notice from the pictures that my Texsolv heddles are color coded. That became almost too funny, when I realized what a mental mess I was going to be every time a yellow thread ended up in a blue marked heddle, and a blue thread ended up in a yellow marked heddle... then reversed! A yellow thread was in a yellow heddle, and a blue thread was in a blue heddle. I thought this is what stark raving madness must be like. 
But it is done! 

A close up of the madness. The plan is to start weaving tomorrow.   

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