14 May 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have cloth!

And this is why I weave. I have pieces of cloth that I wove over a decade ago still in daily use. A dish drying towel that for the first 5 years of its life I thought was too nice to dry dishes with because it won a red ribbon at our County Fair, but today always have handy in the kitchen. There are samples of fabric that I've woven over the years, now used as coasters for drinks. And cloth napkins are everywhere... oh the napkins! At one point I was weaving 14 yards of fabric at a time for napkins.

A cloth napkin is a thing of beauty, a daily reminder of a quieter, more peaceful, less disposable time. A time for tea, and for luncheons, and for picnics outside where the cloth is large enough to wrap up cheese, and fruit, and some bread maybe.

This is the napkin that I cut off of the loom in time to give to Mom for Mother's Day. The verdict? She likes it!

And now onto weaving off the remaining seven napkins. This is the best part of weaving, throwing the shuttle and watching the cloth almost magically appear. I'll post photos of several napkins together next week. It is fascinating to see how different each one looks, yet is bound to its companions by the same warp threads.

The next napkin.


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the close up!

  2. I like this cloth very much. And your thoughts about it, too.