23 April 2013

This Is Not A Rug

 This is not even enough threads for the 18" x 18" picnic napkins, but this is a challenge for me... this is for a SAMPLE! I avoid making samples. Smart weavers sample.

Lately I  have been thinking about putting on 7 yards of a striped pattern in green, gold and purple for the picnic napkins. In the past I would have decided on the stripe,and sat down and wound 7 yards right then and there. But not today. Today, because I said I was going to make a blog entry, I made a sample, so I would have something to write about! And what a good idea making a sample was!

I'm not really sure I like this stripe. But what I did discover, is that some leftover threads from the recent scarves I made, works beautifully as a weft! Can you see the difference in the two green areas? The top one appears more painterly to me. I like the wavy quality. The weft used in the top green area is composed of 3 threads spun together on the spinning wheel first. So the good news for me is that I can spin, as well as weave, for these napkins. They are going to have a very special purpose, and having my spinning wheel involved too just seems right.
I've got to go... I said I would post an entry, and I also gave a 6p Pacific Time! See you next Tuesday!

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