30 April 2013

The Picnic

This is me 25 years ago. This is my Great Aunt Mag. She was also called Alta. And when I was very young I got confused for a day and called her Buckwheat, that was the cat's name. She was my Grandma Pansy's baby sister. My grandma was also called Fern. I never called her anything but Grandma.

Every year on Memorial Day they held "The Picnic". I'm not going this year, and I didn't make it last year, it's over 2000 miles away. The older ones are gone, and their kids are the older ones now. I think The Picnic started in the 1930's when Pansy Fern had two young kids. Each Memorial Day, she and her sisters, and one baby brother, would bring their families to Mag's house for lunch, and to watch the Indy 500 on TV later in the afternoon. But first we'd all go to the family graves and decorate them with flowers for Memorial Day. We'd hear the same family stories every year, and no one wanted to miss meeting at the graveyards. It was a heartwarming tradition, followed by fresh strawberries and picnic food at Mag and Pete's farm. I would grow up again just to be able to go back there. Today the kids keep it going at a small local park.

I'm thinking a lot about those times while I work on the picnic napkins. Cloth napkins were not used then, but Grandma and Aunt Mag would have been tickled to have something I made. They were both quilters and all of us have some of their work.

These are going to be hearty sized napkins! 18" x 18" and I hope with a very nice hand... a finer cloth, but not a fancy cloth... something that you can take outside and really use!
I decided not to go with the stripe pattern from last week. Instead I did a wild and wooly wrap on the warping board... 5 strands of different colors for 480 ends. It could be wild and fun, or maybe just mind numbing! But I am hoping that by using different wefts, I will get 8 very different napkins that are all still united by the same warp. It always amazes me to see one warp produce so many different designs.

I finished sleying the reed, 2 threads of 10/2 for every dent in a 12 dent reed. Or 24 ends per inch. (24epi)
Tomorrow I will start threading. Come see what it all looks like next week!

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