09 April 2013

Pieces and Parts All Gathered

Today has been a day! My idea was to spend yesterday and today warping Harry -- he is the beast of a loom against the wall. But today, Harry is still naked. Slowly, the pieces and parts needed to clothe him are coming together. What you can't see to the right of the frame is a brand new toilet still in the box. That was today's thing of importance, yesterday's was a house I am watching, a house with no water, a city water department mistake. All water issues. A toilet going bad slowly, a friend's place with no water, and a dream that won't go away of water pooling on my floors. My dearest friend told me that water dreams are dreams of birth, new birth. I like that. I think there is a newness emerging in my life right now, and I like that too.

Things are getting done! Remember last week and the tiny tree tapestry? My mom lined it for me. How great is that? Talk about support. She said that it was something she knew how to do and that my learning curve would be steep for just one, but that when I had 20 tapestries to line she would show me how. 20 tapestries! I know she believes in me, but that made me laugh. So, if I decide to keep lining the small tapestries I probably have 5 years before I have to line my first one.

She also went with me to shop for a toilet today. My mom bought me a toilet! Again, how great is that? Nothing says love like a new toilet. She said my dad would have gone out and bought me one.
He passed in 1985.

So, Harry is not warped, and I did not weave today, but I feel very good.

I did gather up the fabric, and carpet warp, that I would need. That's about 5 pounds of sheets on the bench right next to the tension box that will help to put the warp on the sectional beam evenly. I picked blues and greens because the friend that told me what she believed water dreams are about, loves blues and greens.
So come take a look next Tuesday!

And just because they are adorable, and I love them, and I displaced them when I started messing around the loom... here are the pups!


  1. Hi pups! One of your pups (on the left) has the same coloring as my cat Mooky. Blues and greens, what a great color combination!

  2. You know that would make a great tapestry subject, black and white cat and dog that seem to blend one into the other!

    I am curious to see exactly how I will combine those colors. If you gave the same fabric to two different weavers to make a rag rug, you would most probably get two Very different rugs.

    Hi to Mooky!