22 April 2013

Ladybug Never Saw It Coming!

This is why my back still hurts today. Spinner is a merciless player of tug. She tugged, I pulled, the toy came loose and flew through the air, she dove, and I swooped. Swooping motions, especially, furiously quick swooping motions, are listed in the "Do Not Do This" Back Care manual. I can't pull Harry away from the wall, and now I have to admit that I did not start warping earlier, as intended.

But, I can still wind a sample warp for some 10/2 mercerized cotton napkins in green, gold and purple. I want to see if the sett is a good one, and if I really like the stripe pattern when it's woven.
That will be Tuesday's post!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Spinner! Can't wait to see the napkins. Lil'Gen wishes she could take Spinner home!