04 April 2013

Autumn Tree in April

Hemmed this little one today. The tree started last fall as a "T" for Tori, my dear cousin who feels more like a niece, but I would gladly pretend is a daughter. Thank Goodness she's already got a great set of parents! Really wonderful young woman. Tori's great grandma was my great aunt. Aunt Mag loved that little great granddaughter of hers, and I loved Aunt Mag. Full circle is nice.

This is a small piece only 4" x 3.25" and I pretty much made it up as I went along. How elaborate does a cartoon really need to be for a "T"? I did realize, almost immediately, that the long slits running up the trunk were going to take me even longer to get around to sewing up than I suspicioned it would take to get the silly little thing hemmed and lined. (I should mention here, for non-weavers, these are not horribly hard jobs, hemming and lining and sewing of slits, just those things that always seem to get put off after the fun weaving part is over) So I joined the trunk to the background. There are little flecks of brown that can be seen in the blue, but no open slits! The next thing to do is line the back with a piece of linen, and add a velcro strip to hang it.

Maybe Tori will get it when the leaves come 'round to this color again!

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  1. Love it! Tori is one lucky young lady; to get this and have you as a cousin/aunt!