13 March 2013

Hello Everyone!... anyone? I see that it has been a year. I am going by the seat of my pants here. I have set my timer for 30 minutes, and have Gipsy Kings on LOUD in the background! I will post, even if it bores dear reader to death, my apologies.

I left off with a series of scarves in blue. I bemoaned the fact that I knew better about making them in twill, well... guess which ones I've sold a few of? hmmmm.  The above green scarf was made a for a man. The twill gave it a very nice, 'hang around the neck with substance' feel. I sold a number of plain weave scarves over the Christmas holiday, and that sparked my creative need. Then, I became almost predictably sluggish. This post is the wading out of that molasses mess.

Another little tidbit to share is that the guitar that you see in previous posts has stopped being only a prop with a beautiful neck for scarves, and is now doing guitar work! Yes! I am learning to play. I am into 3 weeks and a handful of days so far, and the chords D, A and E are coming around clearer for me everyday. The next plan is to learn changing between them. There is a wonderful site on-line that I heartily recommend, http://www.justinguitar.com/   

Thanks for stopping back in! The following photos show my small loom, Penny, getting ready... and Pokey at the finishing hemstitching (he lost Gumby at about 7" in!).