12 March 2012

One scarf -- still warm.

I really have to remember that looking at a photo of a friend on my fridge, and having nice warm thoughts, does not mean I have just contacted them... nor does posting photos to facebook mean that anyone who pulls up A Woven Way will know just how jazzed I am with the new scarf (that I'm sure they must know about -- d'uh).
I am really happy with the weight and hand of this scarf.  I wore it out Saturday night and received nice comments.
It's been a longer time coming than I said, but it got done!  I actually made two on the same warp.  The photo is of the one in plain weave.

The second one was woven in a twill.   And I'm a little upset with myself about the poor planning that went into that!  I have been weaving long enough to know a few weaving things... one is, never take the same sett (distance between warp threads for non-weavers) that is good for a plain weave, then turn around and expect it to be as good for a twill.

Now, a little background on the weft.  The weft is comprised of 2 strands of 20/2 cotton and 1 strand of 10/2 Tencel.  I plied them together on my spinning wheel.  (just typing 'spinning wheel' makes me all calm and peaceful) The spinning was so enjoyable.

So, the twill scarf is HEAVY, why?   Well, the weft just kept packing down, which it will do on an open sett using twill.   I got about 3 to 4 inches less of weaving to each pirn (bobbin for non-weavers).  I was constantly winding pirns, and going through weft like nobody's business.  There is no photo of the twill scarf yet because I am still pouting.  It is not the scarf's fault.  But I am still pouting. It will probably become my favorite winter scarf, we shall see.

01 March 2012

A B C... easy as A Blue Cone

Blue.  Next week I will post a photo of a blue scarf woven from the blue cone, and the contents of the blue on the bobbin.  I will post the photo no matter what the scarf looks like!  (I have a pretty good idea -- I made a sample with greens.. but green just didn't move me)  The other blue pieces are just because I really like blue.  The two fabric pieces are from a Shibori workshop.  I kinda, sorta want to cut them into strips and weave them in a table runner, but I haven't been able to bring myself to cut my only two tie-resist masterpieces!  Maybe if I played around more with tie resist dyeing the word masterpiece would lose all meaning...  maybe I should try that.

28 February 2012

A Brand New Year

This is our new boy, Friendly.  Spinner and I love him!

There was a big gap between the last two posts, that gap was in our hearts so I just couldn't write about it.  My dear boy, Traveler, left us suddenly on March 22, 2011.  What was thought to be arthritis pain turned out to be cancer in his spine.  We had to let him go right then.

My profile statement changed and possibly so will this blog.  I'll try to pretend that the occasional friend stops by, and do my best to make my musings on dogs and weaving interesting!