21 August 2011

Never give up.

Weaving has begun!  You'll notice the colors are the same, but this time I've sewn the strips together in a very random way for a Hit and Miss rug.  The temple is not currently engaged. I moved it back for the photo.
I am refusing to dwell on the dormancy of this blog.  I do feel like I am back though, and should anyone stumble upon this entry, and notice that another doesn't come directly after it within a week or so... please.... call me on it!
There is a problem with Harry (Harry is the big Macomber's name).   His friction brake is slipping all over the place.  Not good.  It is difficult to keep tension without constant adjustment.  But, there is good news!  I have another sectional beam with a ratchet brake. A friend is coming to help it install next Sunday.
Let the weaving resume!

Edited: To let a friend who is coming to look at Harry know that the friction brake problem was fixed! :)