06 September 2010

Coming back and a little nervous about it all...

Strange. But that is just how I feel. It has been 10 months since I've posted. Weaving is a sticky web for me. I cannot loose it from my fingers. But, I only just sit somewhere near the looms, or play with the yarn, or design, and don't actually weave.  Yet, it feels somehow very important to my very existence, like a life's purpose that I am ignoring.  There.  The theatrics are out of the way. But it still feels a little like that.
This is a catch up post--I did finish that little heart on Valentine's Day 2010.  I started it before my dog, Jack, got sick, I had taken tons of photos with him and the tapestry in progress.  So, on Valentine's Day I finished it with tears and a purposeful feeling.  Then I did nothing else with it.  I still need to stitch the long slits, and stitch the hems back.
Then I moved on to a simple, comforting thing that I always fall back on... my little Macomber 8-shaft, 10-treadle suitcase loom.  (It has suitcase handles on the sides to carry when it's folded up)  I wove 7 yards of very calming (to me) dish-towels and napkins.  That took a week.  Then I started just sitting at the looms again.  See?  Pretty close to pathetic, wouldn't you say?  (Actually smiling a bit at that--it's hard to stay pathetic for very long)
Here's another photo of one of the completed dish-towels and 3 napkins (napkins not yet hemmed in this photo).
I'm back it looks like.  A quiet thanks (you have no idea) to my dear friend, Leslie.

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