17 September 2010

My rag rug.

It's done. It was a bear, but it's done.  There will be many more to come.  Mostly I struggled with the friction brake and I lost tension quite often.  But playing with the colors and the actual weaving... well, that is always a good and comforting thing.  The next one will only be better.

11 September 2010

Warping (deep sigh....)

My big Macomber is called Harry.  Harry has been dormant for some time, and he seems to be trying to help me get him warped... but, wow...  it's a little like he's been wondering in the woods without an oil can for far too long.  It is not the prettiest warp I've ever put on.  I am warping a sectional beam as if it is a plain beam.  I enjoy front to back warping, and that is all I've ever done on my smaller Macomber.  I can warp like this and drive a car at the same time it feels so comfortable.  But, not today, and not with Harry.

I am making a rag rug for a friend to give to a friend as a birthday gift.  I don't think now is the time to dwell on the fact that I haven't really made many rag rugs before!  (I do have the cutest little samples of weft faced wool rugs...)  Below is a photo of Harry last Christmas.  I pulled him from the wall for a dusting.
 He deserves more.
Saying for the day:  Never give up!

06 September 2010

Coming back and a little nervous about it all...

Strange. But that is just how I feel. It has been 10 months since I've posted. Weaving is a sticky web for me. I cannot loose it from my fingers. But, I only just sit somewhere near the looms, or play with the yarn, or design, and don't actually weave.  Yet, it feels somehow very important to my very existence, like a life's purpose that I am ignoring.  There.  The theatrics are out of the way. But it still feels a little like that.
This is a catch up post--I did finish that little heart on Valentine's Day 2010.  I started it before my dog, Jack, got sick, I had taken tons of photos with him and the tapestry in progress.  So, on Valentine's Day I finished it with tears and a purposeful feeling.  Then I did nothing else with it.  I still need to stitch the long slits, and stitch the hems back.
Then I moved on to a simple, comforting thing that I always fall back on... my little Macomber 8-shaft, 10-treadle suitcase loom.  (It has suitcase handles on the sides to carry when it's folded up)  I wove 7 yards of very calming (to me) dish-towels and napkins.  That took a week.  Then I started just sitting at the looms again.  See?  Pretty close to pathetic, wouldn't you say?  (Actually smiling a bit at that--it's hard to stay pathetic for very long)
Here's another photo of one of the completed dish-towels and 3 napkins (napkins not yet hemmed in this photo).
I'm back it looks like.  A quiet thanks (you have no idea) to my dear friend, Leslie.