08 November 2009

Spinner Joins the Family!

The dear little girl is only 4 months old in the top photo! I took her hiking in Mount Laguna, Californina and let Traveler go to a "day spa" at my mom's house. She does love her new brother. Traveler is a rescued race-track dog. He's a bit of a no-nonsense type of guy, but he's really trying with our new puppy.


  1. Spinner is precious! I've never seen a greyhound puppy and didn't realize how fuzzy they can be! How great!

    I can begin to understand the hole from the loss of a dog. We lost our German Shepherd last April. We took some time, but that hole is now mostly filled with a 2 year old Black lab from the Human Society. I say mostly filled, because I'm not sure I can ever really replace Dakota. I also want Shadow to be his own.

    I look forward to seeing pictures of your tapestries!

  2. Jennifer, thank you for the very first comment ever! :) Spinner came thru the same rescue group as Jack and Traveler. They believe (if they've identified the right father) that she is half Borzoi! That is where her long wavy hair is coming from (she is going to be a very strange looking greyhound). My dear greyhounds have always been track rescues up to this point, and adults! She is my first puppy. I can imagine how you feel about Dakota, and I'm guessing that one day Shadow and Spinner will look at us in a certain way, and we will know that they are just as precious to us, but different.
    You have nudged me to put up a photo of the heart tapestry that I am working on...it's beginner stuff, but that's why this blog was started, so thank you for that as well!