21 November 2009

Finally...photos of a tapestry in progress!

Dive right in, the water is fine. While I haven't always believed this, I've often found it to be true. Once I've gotten past the tentative, stick my toe in just a bit, the water usually is perfectly fine! So, here goes.....

The loom is a 22" Mirrex. (The loom partially showing in the background is my big Macomber, 12 shafts, 18 treadles, 48" weaving width~~love this loom~~his name is Harry)

I am noticing many things about this piece that definitely need improvement! The only plan I have is to finish the piece and practice warping the loom again, then do another heart, then possibly another. I'm drawn to the blue/brown color way. I would like to just keep playing with that, and hopefully in the process improve on the weaving technique. I am using 3 tapestry weaving books as guides: Tapestry Weaving by Nancy Harvey, Tapestry Handbook:The Next Generation by Carol Russell, and Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten Glasbrook. And 7 years ago I took a short tapestry workshop using a pipe loom.

The heart is woven from side to side instead of the bottom up. So I will also get to practice sewing up the long slits that are the borders! I am using the heart shape as practice, with the thought that that will help me later with the curves of a greyhound neck, head, chest...etc...

Now, it looks to be about practice, practice, practice.


  1. It beautiful - I like the brown and blues also. There's something comforting in it. I've made two pipe looms for myself, but just recently purchased a used 45" LeClerc. That's ben an adventure by itself! What are you using for your header - is that teksolv? Looking great!

  2. Thank you for the early morning encouragement! The header is Saran wrap... It's supposed to come out easily and it was easy to pack in...I've always used heavy yarn for the header when weaving on my floor looms.

    I really have appreciated these comments...I'm using them as little nudges to keep at it! :)

  3. Suzy,

    My first teacher was Tommye Scanlin at:

    She started another blog of those who haven taken classes from her and she recently is opening it up. You may enjoy following or even contributing to it.


    Also, one of the best ways I've found to get comments is to sign up to follow other's blogs and then also to comment on theirs. They tend to check you out. I found you from a comment on Kathy Spoering's blog. It'll come for you!


  4. Thanks for this~~all good suggestions! I absolutely love Kathy Spoering's blog. Her blog is what made me think to put mine up in the first place.
    Hope you had a fun holiday! Suzy