19 October 2009

Heart on my sleeve.

Do I break the heart, or just halve it?

That is the question that has eaten up most of my time today. In case this is ever read by anyone, this is day one, first post, first ever blog... I am a weaver. I am not yet a tapestry weaver, or a rug weaver. I can weave, so I can weave both rugs and tapestries, but I am more like someone, who knowing their letters, can write their name. So, this is the beginning of the Grand Plan! To live daily as a tapestry and rug weaver and see where I end up.

The heart is on my 22" Mirrix tapestry loom. It is a small little heart, taken from the design on page 54 of "Tapestry Weaving" by Kirsten Glasbrook. The border is brown, and the heart is in shades of light blue. I wanted to practice the shape, the curve of the heart (I'm weaving it sideways).

To end this...do I break it, or halve it? Jagged lines across...or a smooth curve....either way I only have to weave 1/2 of the heart.

I have a photo of a greyhound head that I really want to weave. 8 weeks ago I lost my beloved greyhound, Jack, to a mind-numbingly sudden cancer. I can't weave him yet. But, I can weave another greyhound and practice.

Practice. That is what I will write about here. I love photographs so I will include as many as I can when I can.

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