21 November 2009

Finally...photos of a tapestry in progress!

Dive right in, the water is fine. While I haven't always believed this, I've often found it to be true. Once I've gotten past the tentative, stick my toe in just a bit, the water usually is perfectly fine! So, here goes.....

The loom is a 22" Mirrex. (The loom partially showing in the background is my big Macomber, 12 shafts, 18 treadles, 48" weaving width~~love this loom~~his name is Harry)

I am noticing many things about this piece that definitely need improvement! The only plan I have is to finish the piece and practice warping the loom again, then do another heart, then possibly another. I'm drawn to the blue/brown color way. I would like to just keep playing with that, and hopefully in the process improve on the weaving technique. I am using 3 tapestry weaving books as guides: Tapestry Weaving by Nancy Harvey, Tapestry Handbook:The Next Generation by Carol Russell, and Tapestry Weaving by Kirsten Glasbrook. And 7 years ago I took a short tapestry workshop using a pipe loom.

The heart is woven from side to side instead of the bottom up. So I will also get to practice sewing up the long slits that are the borders! I am using the heart shape as practice, with the thought that that will help me later with the curves of a greyhound neck, head, chest...etc...

Now, it looks to be about practice, practice, practice.

08 November 2009

Spinner Joins the Family!

The dear little girl is only 4 months old in the top photo! I took her hiking in Mount Laguna, Californina and let Traveler go to a "day spa" at my mom's house. She does love her new brother. Traveler is a rescued race-track dog. He's a bit of a no-nonsense type of guy, but he's really trying with our new puppy.

Filling Holes In Lieu of Breaking Hearts

As promised, here are a few photos of the principle characters. My sweet boy, Jack, left a hole in our hearts when he passed. Holes often beg to be filled. Traveler (above), Jack's best buddy for years, and I, are using that hole in our hearts as an excuse to raise a puppy! Her name is Spinner. She is from the same rescue group as Jack and Traveler. She is a puppy. Her mother is a Greyhound and was rescued from a backyard breeder. Her father? The general belief is a Borzoi. She is now 5 months and getting big! Of course, she's a puppy; we love her in spite of it!

23 October 2009

Jackie Blue

My sweet boy, Jack. My posts will often be about the greyhounds in my life as well as weaving. I just lost Jack to cancer on August 24, 2009. He was 9 and a half.

My first greyhound, Chester, was living with me in Maine when I learned to weave. I also learned to spin in Maine. Chester curled up in the middle of, and felted, my very first fleece!

My loving boy, Traveler, also a rescued track greyhound, misses his buddy. Today, 2 months after we lost Jack, Traveler and I are in the midst of raising a greyhound mix puppy! Her name is Spinner.

Look for images of all 4 of my beloved companions and woven memories.

19 October 2009

Heart on my sleeve.

Do I break the heart, or just halve it?

That is the question that has eaten up most of my time today. In case this is ever read by anyone, this is day one, first post, first ever blog... I am a weaver. I am not yet a tapestry weaver, or a rug weaver. I can weave, so I can weave both rugs and tapestries, but I am more like someone, who knowing their letters, can write their name. So, this is the beginning of the Grand Plan! To live daily as a tapestry and rug weaver and see where I end up.

The heart is on my 22" Mirrix tapestry loom. It is a small little heart, taken from the design on page 54 of "Tapestry Weaving" by Kirsten Glasbrook. The border is brown, and the heart is in shades of light blue. I wanted to practice the shape, the curve of the heart (I'm weaving it sideways).

To end this...do I break it, or halve it? Jagged lines across...or a smooth curve....either way I only have to weave 1/2 of the heart.

I have a photo of a greyhound head that I really want to weave. 8 weeks ago I lost my beloved greyhound, Jack, to a mind-numbingly sudden cancer. I can't weave him yet. But, I can weave another greyhound and practice.

Practice. That is what I will write about here. I love photographs so I will include as many as I can when I can.